Liberated Practitioner


Overcome Pain and Burnout and Unlock Your Best Self

Showing up at your best requires the space to reflect, heal and grow. Sadly, most people never answer this call. They scatter their energy struggling to satisfy one external demand after another, never truly getting to know themselves deeply enough bring forward their gifts. This internal friction leads to chronic pain, over-doing and eventually injury or burnout.

The offerings below are invitations for you to show up for yourself. Learn that making a meaningful impact and sustaining yourself don’t have to conflict. To talk about the best place to start, you can book a free call here.

Energy, Freedom and Fulfillment

Liberated Practitioner Coaching Options:

Clear Away the Weeds

A 3-session starter package where we will focus on your most pressing challenges. You’ll leave feeling more clear, confident and free.

Seasonal Small Group Journeys

Walk the path of transformation together. The magic of community and peer perspectives is truly life-changing.

Journey to Liberation

This 6-month immersive option will transform your life and unlock your best self with weekly coaching, exclusive community, home practices and more.

Ceremony Coaching

Preparing for and integrating plant medicine ceremonies and other retreats, major life transitions, etc. is essential for implementing insights into your life.


“I was able to heal my chronic pain and overcome my self-limiting beliefs, which resulted in much less anxiety and a big shift in my career trajectory.”

~ Erin W.


Gabriel presented so many really useful tools and in such a practical way. I was able to put them to use immediately to create a noticeable internal shift.

~ Miriam G.

Gather Together To Grow

Interactive Talks & Workshops:

Breaking the Burnout Cycle

Learn to transform pain and burnout into purpose so you can make an even greater impact with more ease. Great session for teams.

Caregivers Journey Back to Self

Fill your cup in sacred space, heal over-giving and come back to your true self in this heart-opening ceremony.

Calm in the Storm

A stress-resiliency training day for first responders. Learn mindfulness, stress release and emotional inquiry skills to help you perform at your best on calls and beyond.

From Surviving to Thriving e-Course

6 Steps to Unearth the Roots of Practitioner Burnout and Plant Seeds for New Growth

Are you a caregiver, health worker, or first responder trying to navigate the relentless cycle of overwork or over-giving, teetering on the brink of overwhelm? It's time to break free from the chains of burnout and rediscover the profound joy in your noble calling.

I know the weight of your service - the relentless demands, the sacrificial giving, and the looming burnout that shadows our calling. My name is Gabriel Shaw and I've walked in those shoes, facing the same challenges that may now feel insurmountable. That's why I'm excited to introduce this FREE e-course designed exclusively for caregivers like you, eager to transform exhaustion into vitality and purpose.

Liberated Practitioner Gabriel Shaw

Allow me to introduce you to the new (and free) Liberated Practitioner course and newsletter. It's based on my background as a first responder and kinesiologist, combined with what I've learned overcoming my own burnout and coaching clients to do the same.

I've curated this course to go beyond theory and self-care; it's a soulful exploration grounded in practical steps and expert tools so you can show up at your best for those that matter most.

Coaching Options:

Clear Away the Weeds

A 3-session starter package where we will focus on your most pressing challenges. You’ll leave feeling more clear, confident and free.

For busy health practitioners, wellness professionals, and first responders caught by the persistent thorns of pain and burnout, Clear Away the Weeds offers 3 private sessions, guiding you through a process of self-discovery, resilience-building, healing and integration. Together, we’ll identify the root of your struggle, clear away the mental, physical and emotional weeds that block you, and cultivate a fertile ground for your professional and personal growth.

Book your first session now and take a step towards living with purpose, increased energy, and lasting well-being. Thriving starts with clearing away the weeds that hold you back.

Seasonal Small Group Journeys

Walk the path together. Receive the support and accountability your used to giving. The magic of community and peer perspective is an essential part of finding alignment, wellness and purpose.

Embark on a holistic 4-8 week journey alongside fellow health practitioners, wellness professionals, and first responders seeking a shift from burnout to balance. Each season brings a unique focus on creating space, finding alignment, setting boundaries, and understanding the science of behaviour change to help you thrive.

Through a blend of private sessions, small group coaching, peer mentoring and accountability, you’ll be supported on every step of the path.

Programs are designed to work within your busy schedule. You’ll get custom lessons, instructional videos, guided meditations, and thoughtful reflection prompts to deepen your self-discovery and growth. This program isn’t just about navigating burnout; it’s about redefining your wellness narrative and embracing a life of purpose, resilience, and balance.

Journey to Liberation

This 6-month immersive option is your invitation to the path of your true self. Break old cycles, walk the path of healing and awakening with weekly coaching sessions, exclusive community, home exercises, reflections and more.

Alignment comes from integration – a holistic approach that brings together your whole being, addressing the physical, mental and spiritual. In this program, you will release old stories, patterns and energetic blockages that keep you stuck so that you can show up as your full and authentic self. You will learn exercises for the whole body, meditations to train the mind and reflections to nurture the soul.

As a member of our exclusive community, you’ll experience the power of collective support, connecting with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Each week you’ll receive bonus tools and inspiration carefully curated to complement your growth. Monthly group coaching foster a sense of shared wisdom.

This immersive program is your personal sanctuary for overcoming pain, burnout and unlocking wellness, purpose. You’ll unravel struggles like over-giving, setting boundaries, and aligning with your true self, so that you can make an even greater impact with a lot more ease.

You’ll release emotional energy and shift old patterns using a trauma-informed, holistic approach. It’s not just a coaching engagement; it’s a holistic investment in your well-being that will empower you to not only overcome burnout but to thrive in your personal and professional life.

This program is great if you:
  • Struggle with anxiety, pain or injury
  • Feel burnt out, overwhelmed
  • Suspect your pain is related to over-doing, over-giving or mental health
  • Are sick of repeating the same old habits and patterns
  • Feel disconnected from your body
  • Feel disengaged with life
  • Have hit a plateau in your health and wellness
  • Lack direction in your health and awakening journey
  • Know that your ability to show up for others relies on showing up for yourself
Liberation enables you to:
  • Discover freedom from anxiety, pain or injuries
  • Revitalize your career
  • Transform your health and wellness
  • Listen to your body’s deep intelligence
  • Release old stories, habits and patterns that are holding you back
  • Improve your relationships, boundaries and self-care
  • Grow physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Discover alignment, flow and purpose
  • Make a greater impact for your clients and community
What’s included:
  • Initial assessment
  • Personal exercise program
  • Meditation practices
  • Reflection exercises
  • Tai Chi, Qigong and embodiment lessons
  • Mind-body-soul integration
  • Custom video lessons
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Weekly inspiration, resources and reminders
  • Support in community
  • Peer mentoring
  • Expert guidance along the way

Choose the weekly or biweekly option:

Weekly Program
  • 6-month coaching program
  • 25 coaching sessions
  • Custom exercise program w/ progressions
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Access to group coaching channel
  • 24/7 support (via Voxer)
  • Greater transformation
  • BEST value
  • BONUS 20% discount on workshops


  • 6 payments of $597/month ($3,582 total) or $3,397 (paid in full)
Biweekly Program
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • 6-month coaching program
  • Custom exercise program
  • Biweekly sessions
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Access to group coaching channel
  • BEST flexibility


  • 6 payments of $327/month ($1,962 total)
    or $1,827 (paid in full)

    Ceremony Coaching

    Certain plant medicines have been scientifically proven to be powerful tools in recovery from the burnout, anxiety, depression and PTSD that many health practitioners and first responders face.

    Plant medicine ceremonies have been a big part of my personal healing and awakening journey. I know from my training and my own experience that proper preparation and integration are vital to getting the most out of major life events, and for applying the insights into real change in your life.

    As a certified psychedelic integration coach, I can guide you in preparing the soil of your life, and nurturing your inner garden after plant medicine ceremonies, meditation retreats and major life transitions.

    Interactive Talks & Workshops:

    Breaking the Burnout Cycle

    Physical and emotional pain are often the consequences of over-giving. Many of us know this, yet we rarely take care of ourselves as well as we take care of others.

    In this 90-minute, interactive workshop for health workers and first responders, you’ll learn to listen to your body and discover the root of burnout so you can make an even greater impact with a lot more ease.

    • Questions to ask yourself that will change your life
    • Quick nervous system regulation
    • Simple method to shifting burnout and overwhelm
    • Next action steps
    This interactive talk is for providers who want to know:
    • Practical tools for managing burnout and overwhelm
    • The most important factors for preventing burnout
    • The real cause of your burnout
    • The difference between over-giving and genuine service
    • How trauma leads to over-giving and pain

    Send me an email to book. This workshop is generally done on-site with your team.

    Caregivers Journey Back to Self

    This 3-4 hr Group Ceremony is for those who care for others, sometimes at their own expense. It incorporates ceremonial cacao, sound meditation and healing.

    As we are called to care for others, we can end up taking on too much. Caring has a light and shadow side. Reflecting on our shadows allows us for more space for our light to shine through. The call to deep service comes with an obligation to create space and receive love for ourselves.

    Join us for an opportunity to fill your cup in sacred space and intentional community. Together we’ll go on a journey that brings you back to your essence. We’ll move into a process of heart-opening, deep conversation, qigong and breath to help you give to yourself.

    Calm in the Storm

    Mind-Body Stress Resiliency Training for First Responders

    This half-day interactive workshop will help you perform at your best on calls and beyond.

    Your job asks you to show up at your best when others are at their worst. The accumulation of stress takes its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. We are rarely given the tools to process stress from the difficult situations we deal with on a daily basis. Learn practical skills to reduce pain and stress. You’ll also exercise the mind-body connection to help receive support.

    In this workshop, you will:

    • Learn tools for preparing for calls, improving performance on calls, and unwinding after calls
    • Practice movements and breathwork to enhance focus
    • Move through stress held in your body
    • Develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your colleagues.

    Send me an email to book. This workshop is generally done on-site with your team.