The Power of Reflection

published8 months ago
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"We are constantly on reception, and so rarely on reflection."
- Matthew Walker (Why We Sleep)

Hello friends,

As we enter the new year, many of us are feeling the pull towards new endeavours that are picking up steam. Even as the days start their slow progress towards longer light, it remains one of the darkest times of year. Nature calls us to continue our cycle of rest and reflection.

This can be tough to keep in mind as the the collective is pushing towards lofty goals or recovering from the holiday emotions. It is a time for us to reflect the energy our clients are bringing, so that we may guide them inwards towards the renewal of spring.

As with so many things, the process of reflection begins with us.

How was your holiday? Are there emotions that need clearing? Is the lethargy still clinging, rebelling against the pace of culture, reminding you to rest?

How was your year in 2022? What can you celebrate and embrace, in order to bring more of that energy into 2023? Is there anything you are not proud of in 2022? Grieving and holding ourselves accountable provides motivation to for a shift this year.

Reflection also applies to each day, each client session. When a session goes particularly well, we can feel into that, taking notes that guide our future work. Recall an appointment that left you feeling activated. Were you able to take space to sit with those feelings? The more we reflect and sit with our own process, the deeper we can sit with clients.

What have you found helpful in reflecting? I'd appreciate you sharing tools you use by replying here. I'll be releasing a couple offerings soon to assist your process. Be well.

Progress Your Practice

Enjoy these tools that help my own healing and clients from trusted experts.

  • New Years Reflection Questions (2x 2-min watch)
    Take a look at this short video from me to inspire your reflection around the new year. You might also appreciate these two questions to shift the way you do goal-setting.
  • Morning Pages (3-min watch)
    Several of the practitioners I respect and admire are committed to their morning pages. I use stream-of-consciousness writing in many ways for my own process and in ceremony. This is a really simple way to start releasing the thoughts you are holding.
  • Questions to Ask Yourself in 2023 (15-min listen)
    Join my friend on the Mental Dietitian podcast as he shares questions to help you deepen into yourself in 2023 (rather than seeking advice from others).
  • Reflection tools, tips and templates (10-min read)
    Are you or your clients are feeling stuck when it comes to reflection? Look through this detailed article which covers a range of reflection practices. This includes questions to ask your clients, questions to ask yourself following sessions and journal templates.

If you have feedback or resources to share, please reply to let me know.
Thanks for being here.


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